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Small stains or chips in your teeth may not impact your bite, but they can affect your confidence. Luckily, veneers can help.

Club 32 Advanced Technology Dentistry offers several natural-looking options, including IPS e.max®, porcelain, and minimal prep veneers.

You can explore your options with our dentists, Drs. Elli and Yaakov Schulman, during a consultation at our Clifton, NJ, practice.

What Do Dental Veneers Do?

Veneers Address Cosmetic Concerns

If you want to give your smile a touch-up, veneers can handle a variety of cosmetic needs. Our dentists use them to refine chips, cracks, and enamel discoloration. We also use them to make smiles more uniform, such as changing the size of misshapen teeth.

Veneers Cover Front Teeth

There are some specific dental requirements for porcelain veneers, such as their targeted area. Veneers can only be placed over healthy front flat teeth. This creates a beautiful first impression.

Veneers Can Be a Part of a Smile Makeover

One of our most transformative cosmetic options is called a "smile makeover." It's a completely custom treatment that combines your choice of cosmetic dentistry treatments, like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental bonding.

Veneers Can't Improve Functionality But Dental Crowns Can

The purpose of dental veneers is to improve the aesthetics of your smile. They aren't meant to protect your tooth or help it function, but there's another option that can: dental crowns. Our dentists offer natural-looking crowns and emergency care — so if you're dealing with tooth damage or decay, we can help repair your smile.

A Clifton, NJ, Dental Office That Stands out from the Rest


Rita Schwalb

Clifton, NJ


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DrSchulman’s office is modern and attractive.

His staff is warm and helpful.

Dr. Schulman’s expertise has helped me manage several serious dental issues: periodontal gum disease, cosmetic veneers, cavities.

I leave his office knowing that he has once again helped me preserve my smile and my teeth.

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Sergey Groysman

Clifton, NJ


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Club 32 Dentistry is a beautifully designed dental clinic with a spacious modern atmosphere and a super friendly and inviting staff. Club 32 Dentistry is directed by Dr. Elli Schulman who is regarded by his patients for his gentle approach and fantastic bedside manner. Dr. Schulman’s advanced dental techniques and latest dental technology allows Dr. Schulman to perform the highest quality dental care for patients of all ages. Club 32 Dentistry is the perfect choice for patients looking for extra attention and personal care. Dr. Schulman’s main focuses are Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Family Dentistry, and Implants.

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The Simplicity of Dental Veneer Placement

By attaching porcelain or IPS e.max shells to your enamel, our Clifton dentists can transform your smile. The results blend in easily with your natural enamel, for a subtle but effective change.

What Is It Like Getting Veneers?

Because we offer personally tailored treatment, each procedure will vary. Still, you can expect the typical veneer process to go something like this.
In addition to traditional veneers, we offer minimal prep veneers that mean faster treatment and fewer changes to your natural teeth.
In addition to traditional veneers, we offer minimal prep veneers that mean faster treatment and fewer changes to your natural teeth.

Veneer Consultation

You'll meet with our Clifton, NJ, dentists for a consultation. During this time, you can talk about your goals and ask questions. Even if you're not a dental veneers candidate, you may be eligible for other cosmetic dentistry treatments that can achieve your goals, like teeth whitening.

Tooth Scans

Next, we'll scan your smile, including each individual tooth. Every detail counts at our practice, which is why we use a precise iTero scanner for the most accurate dental measurements.

Tooth Prep

Next, your dentist will remove a layer of enamel from your tooth. This process is simple, safe, and discomfort-free. If needed, we can provide dental sedation to ensure that you're fully at ease.

If you've chosen minimal prep veneers, less enamel will be removed than with traditional veneers. 

Lab Creation

Our office will send your dental veneer scans and measurements to a trusted US-based dental lab for creation, where they'll be made from porcelain or e.max. We've chosen them specifically because of their lifelike aesthetics and detail-oriented approach.

Temporary Veneers

In the two weeks that it takes the lab to make your dental veneers, we can give you a set of temporary veneers.

Veneer Placement

Your dentist may score and etch your tooth's enamel, making it easier for him to attach your veneer. Once the dental adhesive has hardened and the porcelain veneer has been placed, he'll check with you to make sure that you're happy with your new smile.

Not Sure Yet? Try a Preview


Many of our Clifton cosmetic dentistry patients want a new smile, but they're worried they won't like their results. We understand completely. To give you peace of mind, we can provide a preview of what your veneers may look like.

How Can I Protect My Dental Results?

Brushing Regularly

Though e.max and porcelain veneers cover your teeth, they do not protect them from plaque. You should always brush your veneers and your natural teeth twice a day for two minutes.

Flossing Daily

Flossing is crucial for your gum health — and it can even prevent future tooth loss way down the line. Even if you don't floss now, it's never too late too start.

Acting Mindfully

Materials like porcelain are known for their strength — but they're not invincible. Make mindful choices to protect your veneers, like eating apples by the slice instead of whole and using scissors to open packaging instead of your teeth.

Visiting Us

Our dentists run a comprehensive practice, making it easy to trust us with all your dental needs. By attending regular exams and cleanings with a team that knows your smile well, you can protect your oral health and your porcelain veneers.

We're Passaic County's Choice For High-Quality Dentistry


Sam Liggonah

Clifton, NJ


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Great dentist and staff, they’re very friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel very comfortable throughout my procedure. If you’re looking for dentist for you and your family, I highly recommend you visit Club 32.

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eric edmondson

Clifton, NJ


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Sooooo pleased with the look and quality of my teeth! Everyone was so helpful and went out of their way to make the experience as easy as possible.

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How Much Do Veneers Cost?

At our Clifton, NJ, practice, e.max and porcelain veneers range from $2,000 to $2,500 per tooth. This price typically depends on your case and the materials you use. Insurance does not cover veneers, because the treatment is cosmetic. However, veneers can have a truly transformative impact on your appearance and confidence.

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Club 32 Advanced Technology Dentistry

At Club 32 Advanced Technology Dentistry, we're here to help you your general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry needs. Our dentists, Dr. Elli Schulman, DDS, and Dr. Yaakov Schulman, DMD, are proudly affiliated with the following organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • NJDA: New Jersey Dental Association
  • AAFE: American Academy of Facial Esthetics
  • AGD: Academy of General Dentistry

If you're ready to schedule your appointment, contact our Clifton office or call (973) 365-1712.

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