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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Are tooth decay, infection, or missing teeth affecting your oral health?

A full mouth reconstruction can restore the function of your teeth and gums and create a beautiful, healthy smile.

Drs. Elli Schulman and Yaakov Schulman can create a customized full mouth reconstruction plan at their Clifton, NJ, practice.

Is Your Smile Damaged? Contact Our Clifton Practice

Untreated cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss can lead to serious oral health issues. Contact Club 32 Advanced Technology Dentistry if you are experiencing these symptoms. Our dentists can create a custom treatment plan to restore the health of your smile and prevent future oral health problems from forming.

The Dental Issues A Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Correct

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can increase your chances of developing physical health issues, like heart disease. A full mouth reconstruction heals the decaying tooth and prevents it from spreading to other areas of the body.

Tooth Damage

Damaged teeth can affect your bite's function and the look of your smile. Through restorations like dental crowns, your customized treatment plan can restore the look and function of your damaged tooth.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can alter the alignment of your bite and lead to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). A full mouth reconstruction can replace missing teeth and restore your bite's function.

Disease and Infection

A full mouth reconstruction can heal issues like gum disease or a root canal infection to restore your health and alleviate dental pain.

Cosmetic Flaws

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, your full mouth reconstruction treatment plan could include cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental veneers to create a beautiful smile.

Ready To Restore the Look and Health of Your Smile? Contact Our Clifton Dental Practice

Our North New Jersey practice offers many up-to-date dental treatment options to ensure each patient receives high-quality care. Drs. Elli and Yaakov Schulman use laser dentistry technology as well as iTero® 3D scanning to help improve the diagnostic process and overall treatment results.

Contact our Clifton, NJ, practice today to request your consultation and receive a customized full mouth reconstruction.

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Drs. Elli and Yaakov Schulman
Our dentists specialize in comprehensive restorative and cosmetic care to create smiles that are healthy and beautiful.

We Strive To Create a Comfortable Dental Experience "I was treated like family!"

"From the front desk, to the assistant and the doctor himself…I was treated like family! You get an overwhelming sense of trust from the minute you walk in the door!" Taylor Heverly, 2021 Google Review

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures What Your Customized Treatment Plan Could Include

During your initial consultation, one of our Clifton, NJ, dentists will examine your teeth and gums and review your health history to determine which treatments are right for you.
Dental Implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts surgically placed into your jaw to mimic your missing tooth roots. Implants are a sturdy base for dental restorations and can prevent several oral health issues, like jaw atrophy and a misaligned bite. Dental implants provide the highest level of support and are sturdy enough to replace a single missing tooth or an entire row of missing teeth. While your restorations may need replacing one day, your implants will last a lifetime. 



Dentures are life-like restorations that replace a whole row of missing teeth. Dentures can restore the function of your smile, allowing you to chew and speak clearly and comfortably. When supported by dental implants, dentures fit securely in your mouth preventing them from slipping out of place. Dentures can also restore your facial aesthetic by preventing the sunken appearance that can happen when missing several teeth.

Dental crown

Dental Crowns

A severely damaged or decayed tooth can be painful and impact your ability to chew comfortably. A dental crown is a cap that fits over your damaged tooth to protect it from further harm. It can be matched to the color of your natural teeth to create a uniform smile. If you are missing a single tooth, a dental crown can be placed over an implant to restore your bite's function. 

Dental onlay


For less significant decay or damage, an onlay is used to protect the existing tooth. Unlike a crown that covers the entire tooth, an onlay is a dental restoration that sits on top of a damaged or decaying tooth. Once we remove the damaged section, our dentist will bond the onlay over the treatment area, protecting the tooth from further damage. 

root canal model

Root Canal

A root canal is performed when an infection reaches the pulp within your tooth. One of our dentists will clean and remove the infected tissue within the tooth. They will then fill the cavity and cap your tooth with a dental crown for ultimate protection.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures To Make Your Healthy Smile Beautiful

Unlike restorative treatments that focus on the health of your smile, cosmetic treatments focus on making your smile beautiful.

If you are self-conscious about the look of your smile, your full mouth reconstruction plan can include cosmetic procedures to restore your confidence. Our dentistry practice offers several cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign®, and veneers. We can give you a beautiful smile you'll be proud to show off. 

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What Is the Cost Of a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Our Clifton, NJ, practice wants to ensure all our patients can have a beautiful, healthy smile, which is why we are happy to discuss financing options and work with your insurance to maximize your benefits.


Our office accepts most major dental insurance plans. Most insurance companies will help cover the cost of restorative dental treatments. However, cosmetic treatments will likely not be covered.


Our office offers CareCredit® financing to help every patient achieve their dream smile. CareCredit allows you to break down the cost of your treatment into low-interest or interest-free monthly payments.

High-Quality Dentistry For the Entire Family

"Dr. Elli Schulman who is regarded by his patients for his gentle approach and fantastic bedside manner. Dr. Schulman’s advanced dental techniques and latest dental technology allows Dr. Schulman to perform the highest quality dental care for patients of all ages. Club 32 Dentistry is the perfect choice for patients looking for extra attention and personal care." Sergey Groysman, 2021 Google Review
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At Club 32 Advanced Technology Dentistry, we're here to help you your general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry needs. Our dentists, Dr. Elli Schulman, DDS, and Dr. Yaakov Schulman, DMD, are proudly affiliated with the following organizations:

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